Our Programs

Our Programs

The name Lumenon was chosen because of its origin. The word “Lumen” means light level or measure of brightness in a light bulb. It is my passion to shed “light” about Happiness, Healing and Well-being.

Reuben Ellis w/ Lumenon Solutions – Expect to receive strategies grounded in ancient wisdom and insight that is proven to help you meet the obstacles of life head on!

We provide coaching services created to help you reach your dreams and aspirations. Our life-lessons and services can immediately be put into practice whether it is a relationship problem at home or work – We have a plan. We give steps in how to stop or prevent destructive organizational behaviors and unhealthy social norms.

We operate our coaching strategies in three areas – Life & Relationship Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Mentoring.


Life/Relationship Coaching


Executive Coaching