About Reuben

My life journey began as a ball of confusion and fear. The battle for my sanity and survival played out between the tough streets of Detroit, a home led by a single-parent mother, and a strict religion that was impossible to live by. That tension eventually snapped and lead me into a time of darkness, hopelessness, and despair as I tried navigating life’s treacherous pitfalls and pain.

On a hot summer night, I cried out loud – Then it happened! – I saw the Light! My God was revealed! It was from that point that I became consumed with much studying, practicing, and then teaching the laws of Happiness, Healing and Well-being.

My mission is to get people to move from revealed information, to next-level transformation. If your need is physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual –

I Can Help.

I am hooked on life! – and you can too! How about getting started right now by clicking on the link below.